Should Marijuanas Be Legal?

Today a big issue around the world is marijuana legalization. Both sides make arguments about the pros and cons of making weed legal. This article explains why marijuanas should be legal.

Why Marijuanas Should Be Legal

Marijuana legalization is a trending topic around the world. Many experts believe people have been growing cannabis since 8000 BC. Today the hemp plant is used for dozens of products like paper and rope. The big issue is: why marijuanas should be legal. Over the years many people have supported the legalization of different drugs. The main difference of marijuana is it’s a natural plant. Whether people believe pot should or shouldn’t be legal makes it different from other drugs that are highly processed. It’s like whole foods being healthier than fast food, right?

Today people are debating different issues about whether or not marijuana should be legal. One of the main issues is whether it should be legal for medicine or recreation. Several studies show that smoking weed seems to provide various health physical and mental benefits. Most people probably wouldn’t be against eating plants that are healthy for them. So, what’s wrong with smoking a joint? The issue about whether marijuana should be legal is about different issues but one of the main ones is whether the compound THC in marijuana that gives people its “high” is dangerous. This is actually one of the main reasons marijuana can provide different health benefits.


Why Is Marijuana Illegal?

Since ganja has been around since ancient times it’s interesting that it’s illegal now. For example, many surveys show over half of Americans want marijuana legalized. Many states have already made weed legal for medicine or even for recreational purposes. Some countries have already made marijuana legal for both purposes.

The issues about legalizing marijuana often have more to do with politics than the actual plant. In other words, a country’s law enforcement budget would be cut greatly if weed was legal. In every sense of the word this aspect of legalizing weed is more “political” than anything else. So, it’s really up to voters to deal with it.

Let’s talk about the actual marijuana plant. A big reason many people don’t want it legalized is it has something in it called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It’s a long word but in a nutshell, this is the compound that makes you high when you smoke a joint or eat weed cookies.

There’s no question that THC can affect your mind and body. Many of the effects are similar to the ones people have after drinking some alcohol, yet alcohol is legal. It really boils down to people using common sense when smoking week. For example, too much of anything is bad and that includes smoking too much weed.

You should also use good judgment when hitting a bong, for example. That means you definitely shouldn’t operate a vehicle or make any big decisions. It’s all about moderation and good judgment.

The bottom line is studies show THC can provide many benefits. Marijuana legalization shouldn’t be ditched just because some people might do silly things after smoking “herb.” The reason is the plant offers many health benefits that have helped patients like former NFL players who are suffering from serious medical conditions.


Why Marijuana Should Be Legal?

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of why marijuana legalization is a good thing. Here are some of the main benefits of cannabis:

1. Drug addiction

This might be surprising and especially when one of the biggest arguments against legalizing pot is that it’s addictive. Various studies show that weed can help people beat their opioid addictions. It also seems to be effective in dealing with alcoholism. The key is not to overdo it.

2. Pain relief

Many studies show that medical marijuana is effective in treating severe pain. It works by working on parts of the brain that can help to reduce chronic pain. This is because of the ingredient “cannabinoids” found in marijuana.

3. Multiple sclerosis

Use of compounds in cannabis might help with symptoms suffering from MS. The benefits are mid-level but the plant still provides several benefits.

4. Cancer

Some research shows that marijuana can slow down the growth of cancer cells or even kill some kinds of cancer. Take note marijuana isn’t a “cure” for all cancers.

Some studies show that cannabinoids can help treat some chemotherapy-caused symptoms. These include vomiting and nausea.

5. Epilepsy

Last year the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medicine with “CBD” from hemp plants to treat some kinds of epilepsy. CBD doesn’t have the same effects of THC so there’s no risk of people taking the meds getting high.

6. Depression

People who have mental illness might benefit from marijuana. Keep in mind this is specially related to depression. It’s not a good treatment for other kinds of mental health problems.

Experts are still studying if marijuana can help people who have problems with social anxiety.


What is Medical Marijuana?

One of the big issues about whether weed should be legalized is something called medical marijuana. This medicine that’s based on the marijuana plant. It contains different key ingredients that are found in cannabis.

This is probably one of the best reasons to legalize pot. IT’s one thing if people are against smoking joints because someone might get high. It’s a different story when the plant can help people who are suffering from serious pain.

Many studies show that people can experience several benefits from medical marijuana. Another thing to note is there are few side-effects when people take these meds. So, there are no real major dangers that some people might say are caused by consuming anything from the natural plant.

People around the world used medical cannabis for a long time until about a century ago. It makes you wonder if modern medicine is really making people better since many of today’s meds have dangerous ingredients. Today’s prescription drugs contain strong chemicals that can cause serious side-effects.

One of the most popular cannabis products on the market today is something called CBD oil. It’s interesting because it provides many of the same health benefits as the smoking pot but doesn’t contain THC that makes people high.

So, while CBD oil can benefit people’s health it’s surprising that some people are still against marijuana legalization. Scientists have shown that marijuana can provide several health benefits. So, the only thing that seems to make it “dangerous” is that stuff can make you high.

CBD oil is one of the many products that can improve people’s health. It doesn’t seem to make sense that some people would be against that especially since patients definitely won’t get high by using the products. It’s another reason why marijuana should be legal.

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