What Can I Do to Stop Snoring?

One of the most looked forward to the part of the day is to be finally reunited with your bed. I know we all excited to go home and have that good night sleep. But what if your sleep gets interrupted by someone who woke you up from causing too much noise? Some of the

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One of the most looked forward to the part of the day is to be finally reunited with your bed. I know we all excited to go home and have that good night sleep. But what if your sleep gets interrupted by someone who woke you up from causing too much noise?

Some of the most frequently asked questions are “Why do I snore?” and “what can I do to stop snoring?”.

Well, there could be a lot of possible snoring risk factors that could be the culprit behind the unwanted noises. But do not worry because there are also conducive snoring solutions that you can try to finally get that sound sleep.

Scientifically speaking, snoring is due to the vibrations that are caused by your tissues as air passes past them. However, there could be other factors behind snoring complications. Let’s try to look at them one by one.

Your weight, sleeping position, health condition, and even the structures of your mouth and nose could be the reasons behind the snoring sound.

What happens when you snore?

Snoring could not only wake up your partner or other people who’s in the room with you. It could also give you some discomfort during the daytime.

Even though snoring is just considered a minor affliction, it could still bring some severe health issues to the individual. Some of the snoring symptoms that one may suffer from includes poor concentration, irritability, drowsiness, and decreased libido.

Aside from the social damage snoring can cause, it may also affect an individual psychologically and even physically. There are studies suggesting that sever snoring could lead to heart attacks and stroke. This is because the vibration in the carotid artery could be a factor for a person to develop ischemic stroke.

Why do you snore and how do you stop it?

1. Fix sleeping position

Experts say that sleeping on your back could cause the strong snoring. If you’re having a hard time looking for an alternative comfortable sleeping position then you can probably try sleeping on your side.

The reason behind this lying position is that it makes the base of your tongue including the soft palates collapse to that back part of your throat. If this occurs, vibrations would take place which would cause the snoring sounds. Most doctors would even suggest that you use two to three stacked pillows just so you don’t sleep on your back laid flat.

2. Lose weight

As mentioned above, your body weight could be a possible factor too. But do not get me wrong – I’m not saying that people who are obese only have the tendencies to snore. Thin or slim people also do snore.

The thing is, snoring complications might’ve existed after an individual gained weight. This is possible for those slim people who started snoring right after they gained weight. If this is the case, then the only way to stop snoring is to lose weight.

3. Avoid Alcohol

Have you ever noticed that people who drank before going to bed snore badly? Well, that is obviously not because they’re drunk but that is primarily because of the alcohol. Some study suggests that alcohol as well sedatives could make a person snore. This is because these drinks have the ability to lessen the resting tone of the muscles located at the back part of the throat.

So how to prevent this from happening? Avoid alcohol or yet, do not drink alcohol four to five hours before going to bed.

4. Hydrate Yourself

When your dehydrated tendency is the secretions in your nose and your soft palates will become stickier – a possible reason why you snore.

Once your soft palates get sticky due to the secretions, it will also get thicker. As a result, your airways will narrow thus makes it hard for the air to pass through. So if you want to avoid such incident to happen, you have to make sure you are drinking enough water all throughout the day.

5. Avoid Poor Sleeping Habits

Keeping good sleeping hygiene or sleeping habits could keep you from snoring.

You may be familiar with what majority of the people would say whenever someone snores loudly; “He’s just probably tired”. Well, that could be true. Not having enough sleep or overworking yourself could contribute to the snoring. This is because when you’re exhausted and decided to just fall asleep, your muscles will become floppier. If this happens, expect that you’ll end up snoring while you sleep.

6. Open Nasal Passages

Basically, snoring start in the nose. So if the nose is clogged, the fast-moving air could most likely cause the snoring. This is why it is important to keep the nasal passages open to make sure the air is moving at a slow pace.

To open nasal passages, taking a hot shower before bedtime will help. You may also include a saltwater bottle in the shower to surely open the nasal passages. While showering, you will only have to rinse your nose with the saltwater.

You may also check out some nasal strips since they could also be of help to open the nasal passages.

To wrap things up, snoring is due to the relaxation of tissues present in the uvula and in the soft palates. I know that it is not only embarrassing buy snoring is only a burden since it could cause sleep deprivation.

If we think of it, snoring itself is not that dangerous. However, there are some snorers who happen to experience severe airflow blockage. Having said, such snoring complications could result to some health issues. The best way to stop snoring and save yourself from possible health risks is to know what causes your snores first – poor hygiene, bad sleeping position, body weight, etc.

You may also try out the snoring remedies that I have provided above and see it from there if the snoring disappears. If not, then it would be time you see a doctor and have yourself assessed properly.

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