Resveratrol: Is It Worth the Hype?

Resveratrol has been said to provide disease-fighting properties. Know what else you can get from this compound before trying it out as a cure.

Resveratrol in grapes

Before you get the answer if resveratrol is worth the hype, you should know what resveratrol is. For starters, resveratrol is actually a part of polyphenols, which are compounds. They are responsible for protecting your body against damage and can protect you from various diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

In addition, you can find resveratrol in the skin of grapes, particularly the red ones. These are also included in berries and peanuts. In stores, you can find resveratrol supplements. These supplements come from the plant named Polygonum cuspidatum. Also, these are resveratrol supplements that are extracted from red grapes and red wine.

Other than being antioxidants, resveratrol has been said to make your life longer and become an aid in weight loss. Considering these, the compound has become popular around the world. But are these worth it?

Benefits of Resveratrol

According to research, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from this compound. Some said that it has disease-fighting and anti-aging properties.

Here are some of the conditions that can be treated with this compound:


Research shows that resveratrol can prevent insulin resistance. It is a condition wherein your body is less sensitive to insulin, which is a blood sugar-lowering hormone. When this happens, you have a higher risk of having diabetes. But once you take diabetes, there is a chance that you have a lesser tendency to have diabetes.


When you take resveratrol, it can protect your nerve cells from possible damage. It also has the capacity to fight plaque that can result in diseases.


Experts have proven that resveratrol also has the tendency to protect your body from cancer. Not only that, but the compound can also kill these cells.

Heart disease

Resveratrol can lower your LDL or bad cholesterol. It can also reduce the inflammation in your body. Apart from those, the compound is said to protect your body from having clots that can give you a heart attack.

Uses of Resveratrol

Besides treating and preventing your body from harmful conditions, there are also other benefits that you can get from this compound. Here are some:

1. Seasonal allergies

It has been said that if you use a nasal spray that has resveratrol, it can reduce your allergy symptoms, particularly seasonal allergies. It is best that you take the nasal spray three times per day in four weeks for better results. For children with allergies, it is recommended to use the spray three times per day in 2 months.

2. Acne

You can also apply a gel that has resveratrol can help reduce your acne within 60 days.

3. Mental function

Although more studies need to be done, there are experts that claim that resveratrol can improve your mental function as well as memory. This will work particularly on women after they are in menopause.

4. Lung disease

Studies also show that resveratrol has a tendency to reduce mucus production and cough. Just take note in order for the compound to work, it has to be combined with vitamin C, flavonoids, and zinc.

5. Metabolic syndrome

If you take resveratrol, you have a chance to reduce your body fat. It is important to remember that the compound cannot lower your cholesterol or blood pressure. Further studies are needed to see if the impact of the compound can really affect your body fat.

6. Inflammatory bowel syndrome

Other experiments have shown that resveratrol can reduce the activity and improve the possible symptoms of ulcerative colitis.

7. Rheumatoid arthritis

Some experts recommend that you take resveratrol with other drugs for rheumatoid arthritis to treat swollen and painful joints. In case you have joint damage, it is best that you ask your doctor if resveratrol can cure your condition.

Side Effects of Resveratrol

All diseases have their own side effects. This is the same with resveratrol. Although more studies are needed to see the full effect of the resveratrol, here are some of the possible side effects of this compound.

When you take resveratrol, be careful if you are taking blood thinners such as NSAID 

medications and warfarin. This is because the medications can further increase your chance of experiencing bleeding. Even if you just got into surgery, it is better that you do not use this compound 2 weeks before your surgery.

In addition, it has a tendency to act like estrogen. So if you have hormone-sensitive illnesses such as uterine cancer, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or breast cancer, it is best that you avoid this compound.

Surprisingly, the FDA did not regulate resveratrol. So consumers like you might not know its various health benefits. In order to make sure that the compound can give you great results, you need to remember that you should consume only 2 grams of this compound per day.

 Also, if you are planning to use this compound to treat diabetes, you should take this supplement by mouth with a dosage of 250 to 1000 mg daily within 3 months. Meanwhile, if it will be used to treat seasonal allergies, it is recommended to have 2 sprays of resveratrol in both of your nostrils three times a day.


In conclusion, resveratrol is an essential compound that can give you a lot of health benefits. It can cure a lot of sicknesses such as arthritis, bowel syndrome, and even cancer. There are two ways you can take this: through a nasal spray or by mouth.

However, it is important that you know that there can be possible side effects when you take this compound. Research shows that it can increase your bleeding so be sure that you take this 2 weeks before undergoing surgery.

Another crucial fact about this compound is that it has not been regulated by the FDA. So not a lot of people are aware of its possible benefits. Although the good news is that you can easily buy this product in stores. Just be sure that you consult with your doctor before trying out this compound as a cure. 

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