NutriBullet Pro 900-watt Blender

Nutribullet pro 900-watt blender is a 15-piece set that operates on a 900 watt motor and 120V power supply. This package comes with a recipe book and it does not require much work. We will be looking more into this as we push on.

NutriBullet Pro 900-watt Blender

Blenders are kitchen equipment that makes your work easy, smooth, and fast. They come in different shapes and sizes. There are also different types of blender depending on what you want to use them for. Thanks to blender, we do not have to use grinding stones as our forefathers did. The Nutribullet Pro 900-watt blender is one of many different brands out there in the market. It was manufactured according to the Canadian and US electrical standards. Nutribullet PRO is an optimized and compact personal blender which gives you the choice to decide what goes into the blender. 

The Brand

Nutribullet pro has a six-piece set that distinguishes it amongst others. 

  1. Power base high torque: Aided by the 900 available watts, the high torque power base of this blender fuels its extraction process even so that the toughest type of ingredients are blended smoothly, more efficiently, and faster than before. 
  2. Extractor blade: The extractor blade was uniquely designed and combines it with the cyclonic action of the nutribullet. The blade generates a strong power that can break the thick stem, tough skin, and tough seed to extract its hidden nutrient. This bland is made from stainless steel that does not ever need sharpening. 
  3. To-go flip-top lid: With this piece, you can conveniently take your nutribullet pro and its extracted beverage still In it on your road trip. The resealable to-go flip-top lid fits perfectly into the cup providing a mess-free, easy opening from where you can drink your mixture.
  4. 32 ounce 1 lip ring colossal cup: If your appetite is big or if you will prefer making three or more servings at the same time, the 32-ounce nutribullet cup makes this possible. You can place it in the lip ring to drink comfortably. 
  5. 24 ounce 1 handled lip ring tall cup: You have ample space for mixing your concocted nutriblast, thanks to the 24-ounce tall cup. You should use the handled lip ring to seal it and get a mess-free sipping experience.
  6. Pocket nutritionist: A handy guide is placed in this package. It is filled with nutritional details of your favorite ingredients, health benefits, preparation requirements, and seasonality to help you build the very best nutriblasts ever.

WhyNutriBullet Pro 900-watt Blender Is Better Than Competitors 

This version is much better because of its portability and the fact that it comes in a six-piece set

What Are The Benefits?

Why you should go for Nutribullet

  • The supercharged extractor of nutrient: The 900 watts power is capable of turning just about anything into a smooth and sip-able nutrition from blueberries to spinach.
  • Essential design: This blender has a simple and intuitive design which makes it good for everyday use. Just twist, push, and blend.
  • Nutrition ready: You can make your smoothies in less than one minute using this blender. Now your nutrients goals are easier and faster to achieve.
  • Easy to clean: To clean this blender you simply take off its blades and rinse with your water and soap. Dishwashers can help you with the cup, just place it on the topmost rack.

Some of the things you can make with your blender include;

Fruit juice: This is the most common reason why people use blenders. It gives you a healthy blend of homemade fruit juice. Daily consumption of fruits is important and children love to excuse themselves from. Parents can switch the game up by converting those fruits to juices and watch them children gulp it all down.

Busy moms can store this juice In their fridge and take it out as needed. Nutribullet pro is a good blender for all this.

Vegetable cocktail: Your busy life may not permit you to have as much traditional salad as you wish every day. However, you need not worry too much as blenders are here to help you out. All you have to do is find time to cut your vegetables and add them all into the blender. Switch it on and watch them blend beautifully into a nutritious cocktail.

One rampant nag between parents and their children has to do with eating vegetables. This problem can be solved by blending these vegetables instead and giving it to your children as snacks. This way you will be able to fill up the gap in your kid’s nutrients

Smoothies: Almost everyone loves smoothies and you can now make yours conveniently from home. Just get all the necessary ingredients and blend for some minutes. Relax and sip your healthy delicious smoothies from the comfort of your home.

Milkshake: You can make a milkshake at home without a blender. You have to blend the cream, milk and to get your milkshake.

Fills nutrition gap: As insignificant as blenders may seem they help you fill-up the blank spaces of your nutrient table. For instance, when you use a blender to make fruit juice the nutritious juice is conserved but if a juicer is used, this will take away all the juice and leave you with just pulps. This is a waste of your fruit’s calcium and fiber content.

Universality: Blender is universal in its function. It can successfully Blend almost any type of vegetable and fruit with no help from other tools.

Saves time: An obvious benefit of a blender is that it saves time. You only have to press the start button and watch it do it magic within seconds. Your smoothies, salad, and juices get to you faster using a blender than other manual procedures.

Blends spice and maintain a level of sugar: You can blend your spices into paste or powder rather than buying from the store. How blending helps you balance your blood sugar level is that it conserves the ingredient fiber. This way the sugar is properly balanced and sugar levareree maintained.

Easy to clean: Blenders are one of the easiest kitchen tools to clean. You just have to disassemble its parts and wash them with water and dish soap. It should be air-dried after cleaning.

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Amazing excellent packaging
  • Best entry-level system to try smoothie making
  • Very powerful machine
  • Love this product!
  • It is so powerful

5 negative reviews

  • Disappointed
  • Bad experience using it
  • Noticed an electrical smoke smell
  • Do not buy it
  • Had to return it because it leaked

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