Reasons Why Your Eye Twitches

Myokymia or eyelid twitch is the condition wherein the upper or the lower lid muscles experience involuntary but repetitive spasms.

my eye is twitching

My eye is twitching. This is what I have blurted out several years ago when I noticed that my upper eyelid was involuntarily twitching. The spasms has been recurring which led me to seek medical help so I can receive the most appropriate treatment. To my surprise, I learned from my medical visit that what was happening to me seemed just common and there were also other patients who reported this condition.

So to satisfy my curiosity, I have done some online researching and found that the twitches can affect all ages. Although it is not that alarming and will go away in its own, it still bothers patients and could affect our quality of life. Here are some of the important facts that can help us improve our life quality despite having eyelid twitches.

My Eye Is Twitching: What Is This Condition?

Myokymia or eyelid twitch is the condition wherein the upper or the lower lid muscles experience involuntary but repetitive spasms. The twitches appear to be mild in most cases. The twitches can recur every minute or seconds. Patients whose eye spasms appear to be strong should seek medical help as they may be suffering from blepharospasm.

As for what I have experienced, the spasms are unpredictable. There are several days that I have consistently having twitches, followed by days where my spasms go unnoticed. These are just usual with those who have this condition. However, there are rare instances that eyelid twitching signals the development of a chronic movement disorder. So it is best to watch for other symptoms that may occur alongside the spasms.

Common Reasons Why My Eye Is Twitching

There are several reasons why the eye twitches. One of the most common reasons is stress. This is what happened to me. When I had eye spasms in the past years, it was due to severe stress. I was spending at least 10 hours daily at the office during that time which causes the twitching.

Another possible cause of eye twitching is eye strain. Many medical experts agree that overuse of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers can cause eye strain. This is the reason why computer eyeglasses are important as it will help relieve people’s digital eye strain.

Caffeine and Alcohol Overload

Too much intake of alcoholic drinks and those that have caffeine are harmful. This could lead to us experiencing eye spasms.

What Are the Factors That Can Worsen Eye Spasms?

There are other possible causes of eye spasm. Severe fatigue, dry eyes, medication side effects and lack of sleep are among the rest. It is also good to know the factors that can worsen eye spasms. This way, we can immediately address the condition and prevent possible complications.

Eyelid inflammation or also known as blepharitis is among the factors that could complicate the condition. Pinkeye or conjunctivitis, environmental irritants, and light sensitivity are the other possible causes of worsening spasms.

My Eye Is Twitching: What Are the Complications of Eye Spasms?

Eye twitching is not a cause for alarm in most instances. Yet, if the occurrence of spasms come with other symptoms like headache or body pain, then it is best to seek medical assistance. Why? This is because eye twitching could cause complications or may have serious underlying causes. Among these are dystonia, Bell’s palsy and multiple sclerosis. Tourette syndrome and Parkinson’s disease are also the other probable complications of the condition.

How Do We Know If the Condition Warrants A Medical Help?

Many medical experts point to the need for patients to seek medical help if they believe that the condition is chronic. This is because the symptom can be due to a serious and alarming nervous system or brain disorder.

A lot of clinical studies recommend that patients with chronic eye spasms go to their doctors if the twitching is accompanied by a red and swollen eye. Other symptoms to watch out are if the twitching has started to impact the other parts of the face.

What Are the Effective Treatments to Have if My Eye Is Twitching?

Among the primary causes of eye twitching are stress and fatigue. In this regard, getting adequate sleep and time away from digital devices will help with your recovery. Botulinum toxin or known as Botox is also helpful especially to patients with a benign case of blepharospasm. Surgical operations to eliminate some of the eyelid muscles and nerves are also effective in serious cases.

What Are the Helpful Ways to Prevent Eye Spasms?

One way of preventing eye twitches is to track the frequency of spasms. This way you can assess at some point if the condition is mild or severe.

Another way of preventing the occurrence or recurrence of eye twitching is to limit your caffeine, alcohol and tobacco use. Having enough rest on a daily basis is essential to keep your eyes always in good condition.

Additional Facts About Eyelid Twitches

Eye spasms affect all ages. Clinical studies claim that women are more at risk of having or experiencing eyelid twitches than men. As for the statistics, the Genetics Home Reference reports that the medical condition impacts around 50,000 people in the country. Its occurrence is prevalent in people in the late or middle adulthood.

If immediate prevention or treatment is not given to patients, it is possible that patients experience facial spasms. Having blurry vision and increased light sensitivity are also essential.

My Personal Thoughts on Eyelid Twitches

A lot of people are affected by eyelid twitching. There are also multiple reasons why people experience eye spasms. As for my personal thoughts, this condition is not something that is to be worried about. What we need to do is to monitor if the condition progresses through time. Also, we need to assess if the condition is accompanied by other symptoms that might indicate possible brain disorders. This is important to know because these other symptoms call for us to seek immediate help from medical professionals and experts.

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