Lump On Scrotum: Is It Normal Or A Sign Of Cancer?

A lump on scrotum is one condition you might experience in the area. There are various causes including inflammation, cyst, and hernia. Testicle cancer is a serious disease with various symptoms/causes.

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Have you developed a lump on scrotum? If you notice a lump, you might be concerned that it’s testicle cancer. There are several causes of lumps. They include inflammation, cysts, and hernias. If it is cancer, the good news is 95% of testicular cancer can be cured. Keep in mind that the lump could be non-cancerous, so it is important to get it checked out. That can help you determine which kind of treatment you need, which is critical to get the best results possible.  

One of the ways to determine the type of lump is to know the possible factors and causes. They include genetics, inflammation, and disease, and knowing the symptoms linked to the conditions, including the appearance and texture of the bump. You can also get a medical exam. Your doctor might order tests, including a biopsy, to figure out the lump’s cause. 

 Lumps on Scrotum: What Are They?

There are two types of lumps, benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous). Lumps are abnormal growths that form within the testicles. Some may be testicular cancer, but most scrotum lumps are non-cancerous.

Also known as testes, these male reproductive organs are egg-shaped and, its main function is to make sperm and the male hormone known as testosterone.

A testicular mass (lump) is a relatively common condition that can be caused by various factors. They can happen in males ranging in age from boys to men. These lumps can be located in either or both of the testicles.

Some health experts suggest making self-examinations. However, it’s a debatable issue. Even if you don’t, you should certainly contact your doctor if you notice any new scrotum lumps.

You should also know the signs/symptoms of scrotum lumps. One of the most common ones is swelling. Other possible symptoms are depending on the lump’s cause. You also might experience other symptoms like fever, nausea, stomachache, and change in the testicle’s position.  

Testicle cancer is one of the most serious scrotum conditions you can experience. So it’s critical to know the symptoms for this condition as well. They include chest swelling, stomach/groin ache, heavy scrotum, pain, and fluid buildup.

If you start to experience such symptoms it’s important to contact your doctor ASAP. This can help you get a diagnosis about what’s causing the lump and the proper treatment.

Lump on Scrotum: Most Common Causes


Sometimes lumps are a sign of testicular cancer, an uncommon type of cancer. However, it develops most often among men between the ages of 15 and 34. Your doctor might order a biopsy to determine if a scrotum growth is cancerous.


Cysts in the scrotum can be due to different factors, including growths that are unable to drain. In some cases, the problem gets fixed without any treatment, and most cysts are non-cancerous. That said, you should still get them checked out to determine what kind of cyst you have and if you need any particular treatment.


This situation happens when the part of the patient’s bowel touches the groin. It can result in an enlarged scrotum. This is a condition that requires medical attention so it’s critical to see a doctor if you have symptoms of the condition.


It is one of the most common causes of testicle lumps. It happens in around 15% of men based on one study. These lumps are caused by visibly enlarged veins following puberty. It is when blood flow increases to the testicles.  


It involves a twisted scrotum that usually happens by accident/injury. It can happen among men of all ages, although, is more common among teens. It’s a medical emergency that requires a checkup and possible treatment.

Doctors can diagnose the causes of testicular lumps. If you notice a new lump or symptoms of any scrotum growths, you should contact your doctor to have it checked out. 

Top Tips for Good Scrotum Health

Wear Loose Clothing 

Avoid wearing tight underwear/pants like skinny jeans. It allows the scrotum to hang naturally from the body and keep the temperature low and help avoid injury. It’s especially important during the summertime when the hot/humid weather.

Avoid Risky Sexual Behavior

It includes using contraceptives for all sexual activity. It will help to avoid possible sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that can affect the reproductive organs. STIs can cause a wide range of health issues, which can affect the penis and testicles.

Bathe Regularly 

Make sure to take a regular bath/shower to keep the genital region clean. It helps to reduce the risk of skin infections that can trigger other kinds of complications. After bathing, makes sure to dry the penis/scrotum area well. The reason is the area can cause fungus if it’s not dried properly.

Trim Don’t Shave

This is to help maintain good hygiene without triggering possible side-effects such as skin irritation, infections, and allergic reactions. 

Do Monthly Check-Up

If you want to detect any issues like testicle cancer, it’s a good idea to examine the scrotum for lumps and swollen, or tender areas. Make sure to do the exam slowly and carefully to get the best results. It is another way you can have peace of mind about possible health issues like a lump on the scrotum.

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