Lump On Rib Cage Left Side: What Are The Possible Causes

Are you experiencing lump on rib cage left side? If so it’s important to know the symptoms, causes, and treatments. The possible causes include boil, cyst, and cancer, etc. It’s critical to have a doctor check the growth.

Lump on rib cage

Are you experiencing a lump on the rib cage left side? Fun Fact: The human ribs have a dozen bones. If you experience a growth in the area of the left rib cage it can be a sign of various health conditions. They include cysts, boils, and cancer. It might even be one of the lesser-known kinds of growths that people get. Due to the location, the lump/bump might be related to organs in the area like the colon. Many people are worried about new skin growths being cancerous. However, in many situations, it’s a benign (non-cancerous) lump. That includes 80% of breast cysts, for example. It’s still important to get it checked out so you’ll have peace of mind.

If you have any lumps/bumps in the rib cage area there are various treatments for skin conditions like cysts. Some options include hot compress, aloe vera, and tea tree oil (TTO). These are natural treatments so they don’t contain any strong chemicals. That’s definitely a situation you’ll want to avoid due to the possible side-effects you might experience. You can also go with prescription meds. However, when applying them to the left rib cage area you’re more likely to experience side-effects and especially in cases of sensitive skin.

How Serious Are Skin Lumps/Bumps?

Today many people get concerned if they see a new skin lump or bump. In a sense, people should practice “due diligence” about any new growths they find. For example, the decade-long survival rate for breast cancer patients is now nearly 85%. One of the reasons is increased public awareness about issues like mammograms and self-exams.

However, as always it’s important not to panic if you discover a new bump/lump on your skin. There’s a much higher chance it’s benign (non-cancerous) rather than malignant (cancerous). However, the key is to find out the main cause of growth.

This can provide various benefits. In particular, you’ll have peace of mind. This is important so you don’t panic and make guesses about what the problem is. The opposite of worrying is action.

A skin doctor and lab technicians can help with the diagnosis process. For example, a doctor can examine the lump/bump. He/She might also order the test(s) to find out what the cause of the lump is whether it’s a cyst, tumor, boil, and so on.

In some cases, the doctor will order a biopsy. This involves removing a small piece of the growth than having a lab technician examine it. They’ll mostly look for cancer cells to figure out if the growth is cancerous. However, this process can also check for other types of growths.

There’s a chance the lump is a cancer tumor. Even if that’s true it’s important not to panic. There are various treatment options that can help to fight the cancer cells. You can go with holistic (whole-body) options or more traditional ones like chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

However, the first step is to get the growth diagnosed correctly. After that’s done you can start focusing on treating the growth. Your doctor can help with the process to figure everything out.

Lump on Rib Cage Left Side: Possible Causes


This is one of the most common types of skin growths you can experience. Most aren’t cancerous although they can be. It’s best to get it checked out to find out if a cyst has cancer cells. This is an important step to help prevent cancer cells from spreading.

A cyst is technically a small lump/sac that’s filled with stuff like fluid, fat or air. Health experts aren’t sure why cysts start growing on the body. The growth grows a little underneath the skin.

Scientists think that sky cysts grow around “keratin” cells. These are cells that make the skin tough outside layer. Keratin is also found in other body parts like nails. In fact, it’s mainly what makes fingernails/toenails hard.  

Skin Cancer

There are various kinds of cancer that can appear on the body including skin cancer. That includes the left rib cage area. This is one of the most serious skin conditions you can have. So it’s important to treat get diagnosed early then receive effective treatment.

However, it all starts with getting diagnosed. The main goal of skin cancer treatment is to prevent cancer from spreading to other body parts.

Colonic Neoplasm

This means “new tissue” that grows within the colon (large intestine). The neoplasm can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Health experts aren’t sure what causes this condition. However, some possible risk factors include:

  • Family history
  • High-fat diet
  • Smoking/Alcohol use
  • 50+ years old
  • Inflammation disease in the colon
  • Diabetes/obesity
  • Low-fiber diet

Lipoma (Tumor)

There are non-cancerous tumors like “lipoma” that might explain a new growth. This is a fat growth that happens between skin and muscle. Health experts aren’t sure what causes this condition.

In most situations, no treatment is required for this condition. The exception is when it looks bad or is affecting other structures. Methods of removing lipoma include surgery.  

Natural Remedies for Cysts

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a popular folk remedy that’s used to treat a wide range of health conditions. It also might help to treat cysts somewhat. No studies show that ACV lowers/removes cysts. However, studies show that ACV has anti-microbe properties.

It’s the drink’s acetic acids or “mother” that is believed to provide much of the health benefits of this healthy drink. It’s believed it might help to treat cysts.

Tea Tree Oil

TTO essential oil might help to treat some cysts. However, this doesn’t happen in a direct way. Studies show that TTO is anti-microbe. It can kill various disease-causing stuff like bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

There are some cysts that result from ingrown hairs. This happens when the hair follicles don’t grow correctly. It results in infection of the oil-producing gland. The result is a pocket of pus that might turn into a cyst.

TTO might also help to kill bacteria infections that ingrown hairs cause. It might lower the risk of an ingrown hair-caused cyst or lower the appearance.

Aloe Vera

Studies show that aloe vera has anti-inflammatory/microbe properties. These factors might help to reduce cysts’ paint/irritation. It’s also possible aloe vera might also reduce how some cysts’ look. That’s due to disease-causing substances like bacteria.  

Hot Compress

This is a basic yet effective home remedy for shrinking/draining cysts. This treatment works since the heat might lower the liquid of the cyst’s liquid. In some situations, this treatment can help to drain fluid faster. It helps to protect versus fluid.

This is a popular remedy but there are no scientific studies that support the use of this cyst treatment. Another issue is the hot compresses don’t remove cysts permanently. There’s no guarantee it will drain cysts but it’s worth considering if you find a lump on the rib cage left side.

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