Lump in Throat: Causes, Remedies, and More

Lump in throat is normally caused by loss of muscle coordination, acid reflux, muscle tension and even excessive fatigue.

Feeling lump in throat

Several health conditions can adversely affect the lives of individuals. Some of these conditions can be minor and can usually be addressed by home remedies, while others may even resolve on their own. However, some conditions can present themselves with highly uncomfortable symptoms. One such condition or symptom is known as a lump on the throat. But what are the causes of this lump in throat? What are the possible remedies for this condition? In this article, we answer the said questions. Read on to find out more!

Lump in Throat: A Brief Overview

The sensation of a lump on the throat is fairly common. A lot of individuals experience this sensation and it is for the most part, painless. Most people will experience this lump in the throat sensation at least once. Feeling some sort of swelling, bump, or lump in the throat without any physical manifestation of such is referred to as Globus sensation.

The crucial aspect of the globus sensation that makes it different from other possible causes is swallowing impact. For those who may find it difficult to swallow, it may be the symptom of another condition that is much more severe. If the lump in throat sensation is felt without actually experiencing any swallowing difficulties, then it may be globus that is common.

Possible Causes of Lump on Throat

Experts are still unsure as to what may be causing this kind of condition. It can affect different individuals of any gender or age and throughout the patient’s lifetime, may come and go. Below are some of the possible causes why people can experience a lump in the throat:

Muscle tension

Once muscles are not being used for swallowing or talking, these muscles are often in a state of relaxation. However, if during relaxation, the muscles don’t relax completely or correctly, tension can occur much more than is necessary. This condition can lead to the feeling of having a lump in the throat. 

Muscle coordination that is lost

The muscles of the throat are supposed to contract and relax in a fashion that is synchronized. This will allow the process of swallowing to occur correctly. However, once this process stops functioning as it should, individuals may experience a tightness in the muscles when there shouldn’t be any. This condition is more notable once the individual tries to swallow some of his or her saliva. An uncommon sensation in the throat as one swallow can be experienced. However, swallowing actual solid food can be much easier since food can stimulate throat muscles much better compared to saliva.

Acid reflux

The acid from the stomach can penetrate the esophagus and can lead to individuals feeling some tension or some swelling in the tissues of the throat. This can then be perceived as a blockage or lump in one’s throat. 

Postnasal Drip

Mucus from the sinuses and the nose that is excessive can get accumulated in the back portion of the throat. This is referred to as postnasal drip. Once this drip starts sliding down the throat, it can lead to a feeling that is lump-like through increased throat sensitivity. 

Emotional reactions

Pride, anxiety, grief, and stress are emotions that are intense and may initiate the feeling of having a globus or lump in throat sensation. Those with a lump in their throat may have their sensations made even worse. Excessive fatigue can also lead to this kind of sensation.

Possible Complications of the Lump in Throat

This kind of lump is generally benign. This means that this condition is serious which should not progress to serious complications. However, some conditions may be similar to that of globus sensation with later symptoms showing up eventually. These additional symptoms should be monitored by the patient if and when they do show up. Globus sensation, in most cases, is nothing to worry about but some additional signs should be noted for possible medical consultation. Some of the possible symptoms are muscle weakness, weight loss, fever, mass or lump that can be felt or seen, choking and swallowing difficulties, and pain. 

Possible Remedies for the Lump in Throat Sensation

This kind of sensation has no specific treatment. This is because researchers and doctors are still uncertain as to what can cause this condition. Also, for most individuals, the condition will easily resolve on its own. It is crucial, however, that people understand that they are not alone in feeling this kind of sensation. In short, this is a common sensation and is not a symptom of some severe or major health risks.

The causes of this lump, however, may have some treatment options. Once the healthcare professional identifies the condition causing the sensation of a lump in the throat, they may come up with some form of treatment that can help give the patient relief. Some of these treatment options include:

Muscle Therapy

If the tension in the muscles is the one causing this sensation, you may need to see a speech therapist or ENT to help individuals relieve the tightness of the throat.

Nasal Spray

A nasal spray is a common treatment option for those experiencing postnasal drip. Some of the other choices for postnasal drip treatment include drinking more fluids to ensure that the secretions remain mobile and thin. Decongestants that are available OTC or over the counter can also aid in the removal and elimination of the nasal drip.


Other mental issues, grief, anxiety, and depression can also lead to a lump in throat sensation. Treatment such as talk therapy along with the taking of prescription medications such as antidepressants can help address the underlying issue that can be the cause of the said sensation.


Antacids that are over-the-counter or antacids that are prescribed for the symptoms of acid reflux can help address the symptoms of this condition such as the lump-in-throat sensation. The burning associated with acid reflux should also be addressed by this medication.

Lump In Throat

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