Keto Blood Meter: Is It Necessary On A Keto Diet?

Ketones are very important to the keto diet. The body must get used to using and producing ketones. So it is highly recommended that you invest in keto blood meters in order to get a precise reading of your ketone levels.

pricking finger for a keto monitor

Starting off on keto may seem overwhelming for most people. Aside from saying goodbye to your favorite comfort foods, and keeping track of your progress, it’s hard to get the handle of things especially since there’s so much you need to be mindful of.

One of those things especially is your ketone levels. An integral part of the keto diet is that the body must get used to using and producing ketones to get you into the state of ketosis, wherein the body efficiently burns off fat helping you lose weight. Keeping track of your ketone levels would get easier with time, for people starting off it can be quite a hassle.

So it is highly recommended that you invest in keto blood meters in order to get a precise reading of your ketone levels.

Here’s a quick guide to keto blood meter and why ketone blood meters is the best way to go when you’re measuring your ketone levels

Measuring Ketones

As we said before ketones are very important to the keto diet because enough production of them could lead to a metabolic state called ketosis which effectively targets stored fat effectively letting you lose weight. So keeping track of them throughout your diet is a great way to know where you’re at in terms of ketosis state.

And when it comes to measuring your ketone levels, there are various ways of doing it. They are:

  • Urine sticks are very inexpensive but not accurate
  • Breath ketone meters are the cheapest in the long run but are also not very accurate.
  • Blood ketone meters are expensive but extremely accurate.

Urine sticks provide a more general assessment of whether or not you’re in ketosis but in terms of actual numbers, it doesn’t have the answer for it. And while Breath ketone meters provide more info than the urine sticks, they can also vary in accuracy. Keto blood meter are expensive but are extremely accurate and provides more information than the other two.

Keto Blood Meter

Blood ketone meters are revered by keto dieters because it gives you accurate information that you may need in order to assess when something is lacking or they need to get more of in their diets. It’s also a great way to accurately test whether or not you’re in ketosis.

All these may come in handy especially for people just starting out in the diet and is considered a good investment if you’re looking into going on keto for longer periods of time. After which you may decrease the use of it once you get the hang of things or for when you feel you’re starting to plateau.

How To Use Keto Blood Meter

If you’re not aware, ketone blood meters come in all shapes and forms but the most basic ones are quite simple to use. Here’s a quick guide on how to use them.

  • Wash hands thoroughly
  • Load needle onto lancet pen as directed by the package directions
  • Insert ketone strip onto the meter
  • Prick your finger using the pen
  • Squeeze enough blood to load and place onto the strip
  • Wait for the results


Ketone blood meters are essential in tracking down your ketone levels. They’re a great help for people who are looking to start off their keto journey.

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