Is Cirrhosis of the Liver Reversible with Good Nutrition and Food Supplements?

Is cirrhosis of the liver reversible? It’s caused by permanent/major scar tissue replacing healthy tissue. However, you can slow down liver damage through healthy food and dietary supplements.

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Is cirrhosis of the liver reversible? The answer is related to how you define “reversible.” For example, this late-stage liver disease is related to major scar tissue forming on the liver. The life expectancy for liver cirrhosis is based on factors like whether it’s alcoholic cirrhosis and whether or not you have complications. There are multiple stages of liver cirrhosis. In the first stage, there’s minimal scar tissue but that changes as the disease progresses. You can use natural remedies like fatty fish, garlic, berries, and coffee. These foods can all be effective in boosting overall health and liver detox.

Several dietary supplements might help to slow down liver scarring. They include turmeric root, ginger, and dandelion root. There’s less evidence about these prescription meds and liver-friendly foods. However, there’s some evidence that these supplements might help to improve liver health and reduce liver scarring. This might help to prevent cirrhosis of the liver from developing into late stages. The main problem is this situation can affect the liver’s basic functions and eventually lead to liver failure. The only “cure” for late-stage cirrhosis is a liver transplant, which can be complicated and costly for the patient.  

What Exactly Is Liver Cirrhosis?

This is a big question because it can help to determine whether the disease can be affected by whole foods and herbal supplements. Liver disease is a serious disease, while cirrhosis is linked to up to 10% of the world’s population.

There are multiple stages of liver disease and cirrhosis. Before a person develops fatty liver disease (FLD) they have a fatty liver. This involves a fat buildup in the liver. It’s normal for the liver to have a small amount of fat. However, when there’s fat buildup it increases the risk of various health issues. Statistics show that up to 100% of heavy drinks have fatty liver.

However, sometimes this condition progresses to fatty liver disease. The two main varieties include alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) doesn’t involve heavy drinking but can also cause serious health conditions.

The main difference between this condition and Fibrosis (scarring). This is the next stage of liver disease and involves scar tissue starting to replace healthy tissue. This stage is different from cirrhosis because it doesn’t involve major liver scarring.

Stage 3 of liver disease is cirrhosis. This involves much more significant scarring than fibrosis. The scarring is the vital organ’s attempt to repair itself. This is the normal response when the organ is damaged due to factors like disease or injury.

Cirrhosis involves four stages. The first stage involves little scar tissue. Even at this stage, the liver can function relatively well. However, later cirrhosis stages involve more scarring.

This also includes complications that make the cirrhosis compensated. The complications can involve various factors like:

  • Ascites (fluid buildup in the abdomen)
  • HE (lack of focus, confusion, personality changes)
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Hepatitis (infection)
  • Jaundice (yellowish eyes/skin)

These are some of the various complications that can develop among cirrhosis patients.

Is Cirrhosis of the Liver Reversible: Food

It’s possible to reverse cirrhosis, but it’s super-rare. The key is to get diagnosed early, so you can start treating serious diseases with healthy food, dietary supplements, etc. As the name suggests the scarring itself is permanent, so once scarring takes place the main goal is to limit future damage.

Here are some foods that can help to treat cirrhosis naturally:


Here’s another reason to drink another cup of Joe in the morning. Various studies show that coffee seems to be liver-friendly. That’s especially in fighting health problems like fatty liver disease. A study review showed that coffee might help prevent late-stage liver disease and liver cancer. However, more research is needed.


In recent years a powerful antioxidant in grape skins has been trending. You can also get the free radical-fighting substance from grapes. Besides the skins, you can also get nutrients from grape juice and grape seeds. It’s believed the small fruit can reduce liver damage and inflammation, which can help to treat cirrhosis.


Options like blueberries and cranberries are sky-high in plant-based chemical compounds that could help to prevent liver damage.

Green Tea 

A recent study shows that green tea might help with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). It’s unclear if green tea bags or green tea extracts are better. However, there seems to be some strong evidence that natural tea can help to boost liver health. You can even add it to food like smoothies, rice, and cookies.


Studies show that garlic can help trigger the liver. Various functions show that garlic can provide benefits like weight loss, fat loss, and liver health. If you want to do a natural liver detox then this is one of the best options. The super-herb can fight bacteria, fungi, and microbes to help limit liver scarring.

Is Cirrhosis of the Liver Reversible: Supplements

Artichoke Leaf

While the flower is a popular salad topping, you can also treat liver disease with its leaf. There’s something in the leaf known as cynarine, which studies show can boost the vital organ’s bile production. This boosts detox among organs like the liver.


While beet juice is known for its health benefits, you should also consider beetroot. It is a good source of fiber and nutrients like potassium and folic acid. Beetroot can also help with detox due to its high fiber. This can help to improve the body’s waste removal and makes it liver-friendly.


Turmeric is the key ingredient in curry dishes that gives it its famous bright red color. It turns out the spice can also help to treat liver disease. It seems to be especially helpful with stress-caused liver disease. It might also help to lower the risk of liver cancer and other types that can develop.  

Dandelion Root 

While this plant can cause homeowners a lot of headaches it turns out the root might help to treat liver disease. That’s because studies show it might help the body to remove toxins. This can help to increase the liver’s bile production. One recent study showed that the plant’s roots helped reduce liver damage from environmental toxins.

Another benefit of dandelion root is it helps to reduce the risk of stress due to free radical molecules. It also has various vitamins/minerals that can keep the liver clean and functioning better.

Milk Thistle

The plant’s seeds contain a powerful antioxidant that might help to treat/repair a cirrhosis patient’s liver. The plant’s seed contains an antioxidant that helps with liver function/detox. It can also help to repair damage from alcohol, drugs, and disease, which makes it a good option after learning is cirrhosis of the liver reversible.

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