Sex Reassignment: Female To Male Surgery Overview

Sex reassignment has been in the limelight the past few years. Learn more about it, like how many people go through it, if they have had regrets, etc.

Female to male surgery

The topic and idea of sex reassignment have been going on for years now. Celebrities like Bruce Jenner and Laverne Cox have undergone under the knife for this. If you are somebody who is just beginning your research about female to male surgery sex reassignment, this article will help you grasp an overview of it. Most beginners would ask these questions like how many people had undergone the sex reassignment procedure, what was the sex change process like, did anybody had their regrets, what happens in the actual surgical procedure. Let us try to answer all of them in this article.

How many people had undergone the sex reassignment procedure?

This question is quite hard to answer since most sex reassignment procedure is done in secret. What we can get an estimate however is from the Encyclopedia of Surgery. The Encyclopedia of Surgery tells us that there is at maximum, 2500 cases of sex reassignment procedures done yearly all over the world. The other journal states however that there could be a more estimated count than 2500. On top of that, at least 30 percent of transgender people all over the world undergo the sex reassignment procedure yearly.

1. What was the sex change process like for these people?

Some societies out there are not that liberal yet and still knits their eyebrows about this topic. But like all things, this predicament that some of you might be in shall pass. The steps that this article is about to unfold is coming from the texts of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health or WPATH.

It says there that the first thing to do if you are seriously considering a sex reassignment procedure is to go to a mental health expert. The mental health professional is the best person to come through in these types of situations because she knows this field. He or she will give an understanding of your predicament. She or he may provide a diagnosis or not. Whatever is the decision that both of you set your sights on (this is, of course, a mixture of the expert’s professional recommendation and your decision) may or may not be followed by hormone therapy. The mental health expert will give you a recommendation to a doctor who can assist you in your hormone therapy journey. As days go on and your therapy progresses, you can still be your usual self, and no need to neglect your everyday activities. If you are finally ready for the last step which is sex reassignment, then may undergo this procedure as you please.

2. What do you do before the actual sex reassignment procedure?

Before you immerse yourself in the actual sex reassignment procedure, by then, you must have adapted to the life of the opposite gender role because of your hormone therapy. Once you express your commitment though, for the sex reassignment procedure, your surgeon and doctors will advise you to experience the gender that you chose to for another round of one year. If you are still dead set on to move forward with the sex reassignment procedure after that year, then your doctors and surgeons will let you go on with the procedure.

3. What happens in the actual surgery procedure?

Two kinds of surgeries are related to the sex reassignment procedure. These surgeries are called female to male surgery and male to female surgery. Both procedures are drastically different from one another. Male to female surgery though is cheaper and has a better success rate than female to male surgery. This because the female to the male procedure is quite extensive and elaborate than the male to female surgery.

Keep in mind, that this is just an overview of what is going to happen in the actual sex reassignment procedure. Some surgeons will have varying versions of this procedure. In a female to male surgery, there are two parts for the whole procedure. The first part of the procedure is to cut away from your two breasts. It may take weeks before the second procedure to set on.

The second procedure is quite complicated because this is where the actual sex change will happen. Your uterus will be removed and so are your two ovaries. Your urethra will be lengthened to make it more like a man’s urethra and a “neophallus” will be created, taken from any of the prior discussed tissue that will serve as the part where you feel the sexual sensation. There are additional surgeries too but are loosely categorized as optional. There is an available procedure that shaves off a part of their Adam’s apple so it will not be too pronounced.

4. Did anybody had their regrets after the procedure?

The statistics show that it appears to be a rare occurrence. Of about 1,300 people only two of them wanted to return to their original sex anatomy. This is opposite though from the anecdotes surrounding social media. It seems like many of them regretted it if you are looking at anecdotes from social media.

This is not surprising at all. Since part of the transition is losing some large chunk of your old life and navigating with your new life might be hard. Some of this transition might result in you losing your job, or being shunned out by certain societies, or a spouse might leave and all sorts of complications.

Female To Male Surgery

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