Should We be Eating Ezekiel bread?

Ezekiel bread is rich in terms of nutrients and healthy fiber. Looking at all these health benefits and advantages it is not surprising to ask “Should we be eating Ezekiel Bread?”.

ezekiel bread

Ezekiel bread is known to be one of the healthiest bread available in the market today. Ezekiel bread is unique compared to most other bread as it is produced by combining a number of key healthy ingredients such as legumes that have just started sprouting or germinating and a bunch of whole grains.

White bread has sugar and is composed of wheat flour that is highly processed and refined. Ezekiel bread, on the other hand, is richer in terms of nutrients and healthy fiber. Looking at all these health benefits and advantages it is not surprising to ask “Should we be eating Ezekiel Bread?”. In this article, we will look at the different reasons why people should eat more Ezekiel bread and consider adding this bread to their diet.

A Closer Look at What Ezekiel Bread is

As discussed earlier, Ezekiel is far better than regular bread in terms of health benefits and advantages. One main difference of Ezekiel bread with other regular forms of bread is that it has no white sugar added in it during preparation. Regular white bread usually has added sugar during its preparation and as is well established, white sugar can add unnecessary calories and fats into a person’s diet.

Ezekiel bread also uses whole grains that have already sprouted. These whole grains who have already sprouted have enhanced nutritional qualities compared to the refined and processed wheat used by other regular white and commercial bread. Ezekiel bread also uses a more varied mix of legumes and grains compared to regular white bread which boosts its nutritional value even more. It usually has a mix of legumes such as lentils and soybeans and cereal grains such as spelt, barley, millet, and wheat.

What is the effect of sprouted or germinated grains?

Sprouted or Germinated grains have a complexly different nutritional value than their non-sprouted or non-germinated counterpart. This is because sprouting or germinating for plants greatly alters the nutritional composition of the said grain. In fact, spouted or germinated grains may simply be looked at as the middle stage between a grain or seed and a fully grown plant. This growth or sprout in grains can significantly add to the nutritional content of grains.

Evidence suggests that sprouting and germinating in plants can elevate the lysine level of the grain. Lysine is only available in small quantities in plants and increasing the lysine levels of grains through sprouting or germination can exponentially increase the nutritional content and value of a grain. Another health advantage of combining sprouted grains to other legumes is that the protein and fiber content of Ezekiel bread is greatly increased.

It was also observed that the number of vitamins and minerals increased when sprouted grains are used in food items such as Ezekiel bread. Sprouting or germination of grains are shown to increase the levels of vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate, and vitamin E. Sprouting has also been noted to reduce the carbohydrates in Ezekiel bread as it can break down the starch in the grains and legumes used in the said bread.

Reasons Why We Should be Eating Ezekiel Bread

With all the said benefits, there are a number of healthy and interesting reasons why we should be eating this unique bread more. Listed Below are some of these reasons:

It contains 4 types of cereal

 As stated earlier, Ezekiel bread is composed of wheat, barley, spelt, and millet. These four (4) cereals increase Ezekiel bread’s antioxidant and tissue building properties. They can also improve the individual’s digestive system.

It has two types of legumes

Ezekiel Bread also uses two (2) legumes as its ingredients such as lentils and soybeans. Evidence suggests that legumes can help individuals lose weight and fight different cancers.

It uses sprouted or germinated grains

Sprouted and germinated grains are more healthy and nutritious compared to their regular grain counterparts. It has increased levels of lysine and other vitamins and minerals that can help improve an individual’s overall health.

It has origins in the Bible

Having the name of bread come from the bible definitely ups the cool factor of the Ezekiel bread. This bread and its ingredients can actually be found in the bible in the book of Ezekiel.

It does not have any sugar in it

Ezekiel bread is perfect for those who want fewer calories in their bread as it does not contain any added or unnecessary sugar compared to other regular white bread

It has more fiber than regular white bread

Due to the sprouted or germinated grains used in the creation of  Ezekiel bread, it has been shown to contain more fiber than the average store bought bread.

It can help the body decrease its cholesterol levels

The increased soluble fiber found in Ezekiel Bread can help lower the body’s bad cholesterol levels on top of improving gut health and the digestive system.

It has higher protein levels than most other bread

Protein can provide a sense of satiety and help control the blood sugar or individuals contributing to better overall health and wellness especially for people struggling with weight issues and symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

It can be stored in the freezer

Unlike other white bread, Ezekiel bread can actually retain its freshly baked taste even after being stored in the freezer. Storing Ezekiel bread in the freezer can also prolong its shelf life and help fight against bread mold

It contains organic soy

Most soy products in the market right now are altered or modified before they are added as ingredients to food items. The soy in Ezekiel bread, however, is organic and those who wish to stick to an all organic diet may find that Ezekiel Bread is the right bread for them and for their diet.

It is good with vegans and diabetics too

Ezekiel bread is a good food choice for both vegans and diabetics as it is free from any kind of meat product and it has no added sugar whatsoever.

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