Top Benefits of Exercise

What exactly can exercise do for your body? People say that you can benefit from being physically active, but what exactly does exercise offer?

Exercise benefits

Exercise is never been out of trend. Even in the years of our ancestors, their way of living is considered an exercise. Cutting of woods, fetching of water, fishing, farming, and many more that includes your body to work and sweat are considered as exercise.

In the modern world, physical activities come in varieties. There are swimming, jogging, running, dancing, walking, and others that will make you sweat and move a lot. Most of the time, because people work the whole day in an office, facing the computer, fingers typing, and brain functioning to the highest level, the workers have to apply in a gym to keep the rest of their body moving.

But what exactly can exercise do for your body? People say that you can benefit from being physically active, but what exactly does exercise offer?

Here are some amazing exercise benefits to encourage you to stay active.

1. Exercise is a Good Tool for Losing Weight

Studies have been found that many weight issues are due to physical inactivity. But to fully understand the relationship between exercise and weight loss, you have to understand the connection of energy expenditure to it.

The way our body uses energy is categorized in three: digesting food, working out, and keeping the unconscious functions of the body such as breathing and heartbeat.

Dieting is proven effective in losing weight, however, exercise has been found to be more effective. By minimizing your calorie intake, your metabolic rate reduces as well which causes weight loss to delay. But with regular physical activity, your metabolic rate not just simply increases. Your body is burning more calories which is the cause of losing a few pounds.

2. Exercise has the Ability to Increase Energy Level

It might sound odd that exercise can increase your energy level. For instance, it more sound contrary because as the body moves, more energy is spent, right? However, many studies prove that exercise is beneficial in boosting energy both in a healthy individual as well as those people suffering from certain diseases.

In one study, people experience persistent fatigue felt more energized after having a regular exercise in 6 weeks.

Thus, exercise is evidently effective to help people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and even other serious illnesses such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. In fact, those who are suffering from CFS improved when they exercise rather than doing other therapies.

3. Exercise Improves Your Skin Health

Believe it or not, exercise can affect the health of your skin. Oxidative stress has something to do with it.

The body has antioxidants defense, but if it cannot rebuild the damage made by free radicals to our cells, oxidative stress happens. Because of that, the internal structures are also damaged which dries up the skin.

By doing exercise, your body reproduces natural antioxidants and it protects the cells. Additionally, working out induce skin cell adaptations as well as stimulate the blood flow. Because of this process, the aging of skin slows down.

4. Exercise Boost Memory and Overall Brain Health

Physical activity and mental health have correlation even though the two seems apart. By doing exercise, your heart pumps more blood which makes the blood and oxygen flow boost to the brain. The hormones associated with the growth of brain cells are also stimulated by being physically active. All these facts are based on researchers.

For adults, working out is also beneficial to their brain health. Researchers concluded that exercise promotes brain function and structure.

Scientifically, exercise has been found to increase the size of hippocampus—a part of the brain responsible for memory function and learning. It can be considered as stimulating the mental function among older people.

Finally, the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia has been found to decrease by doing a regular exercise.

5. Exercise has a Positive Effect on Your Sleep and Overall Relaxation

Many studies suggest that stress can be lessened by doing exercise. Because of that, your body relaxes more and your quality of sleep improves.

But scientifically speaking, what happens to the body during exercise is it depletes energy, which positively recuperating during sleep. Additionally, perhaps you notice that your body temperature increases when you do exercise. What perhaps you do not know is during sleep time, your body temperature drops which are the reason behind your qualitative sleep.

There are many studies conducted to see the results of an exercise in improving sleep quality. One of these many studies is conducted in people with insomnia. They have been found to increase their quality of sleep after 16 weeks of doing physical training. The training also makes them more energized.

When it comes to adults, exercise has also been helpful to improve the quality of their sleep.

6. Exercise Promotes Better Sex Life

If you’ve found your libido lower, exercise can help you boost it back. How?

Working out has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it tones your muscles, enhances your flexibility, and improve your blood circulation. All of these factors affect your sex drive.

According to some studies, being physically active is associated with being sexually active in terms of improving your sexual pleasure, performance, and the frequency of your sexual activity.

In fact, one study shows that a group of women, whose ages are 40, are observed to frequently experienced orgasms in relation to doing active exercise such as weight training, sprints, etc.

7. Exercise Can Make You Happier

By doing regular exercise, your mood improves. It reduces the feeling of anxiety, depression, and even stress. It happens by working in the part of the brain which produces anxiety and stress.

Our body produces the hormone norepinephrine and serotonin. By increasing your sensitivity to these hormones, your depression level depletes. Fortunately, exercise has the ability to increase your hormone-sensitivity skills.

Endorphins, on the other hand, are hormones responsible for making you feel more positive. Exercise has an ability to increase its production as well.

Lastly, we’ve mentioned earlier that exercise is associated with reducing stress, even anxiety and depression. Thus, excluding worry in your lifestyle will definitely make you happy. Interestingly, researchers found out that the intensity of your chosen exercise has nothing to do with the relief it gave to your mental health. Thus, whether you jog or do an intensive strength training, your mental health will benefit from it, resulting in a happier life.

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