Detox Drinks: How Do They Help You?

Detox drinks provide an easy way to be as healthy as can be. They put toxin overload to a minimum. Learn how best to max on them.

Detox Drinks

Detox drinks sound like an entirely new concept invented by the millennials. The truth of the matter, however, is that it’s been there for years. Centuries, in fact. The methodology may have been refined. Now, you may use a blender or a fruit extractor or whatnot. But the concept is the same. At least in its essence. As early as 5,000 years ago, Chinese medicine men already had internal cleansing recipes. That, together with colon cleansing and cupping were the in-demand treatments of the day. A way to get back lost energy.

If you feel tired for days on end, you may likely be experiencing toxic overload. It won’t be surprising too. Every day, we encounter toxins – inhaling them in the everyday traffic pollutants and taking them in via the foods we eat. The main cleansing organs of the body is the liver and the kidneys. Needless to say, these two can also meet complications – overworked from all the unhealthy toxins accumulated. The liver is like the purifier of the body, clearing it of poisonous substances. The kidneys also cleanse the blood throwing away the impurities down as urine. Now, detox drinks give you an upper hand. It helps these two vital organs work more efficiently. Here’s how.


1. Weight Loss

Now, this is a big one. America is under sight today. The enemy? Fats. Today, the most powerful nation in the world is also the fattest. The latest survey shows Americans are raking in more fats than anyone else in the planet. With obesity rates of adults 15 and above, OECD (Organization for Economic  Cooperation and Development) data tags the birthplace of French fries and burgers as the “heftiest” in the world. With Mexico and New Zealand also on top spots next to the US.

If fat storage is a measurement of health, it would be good. But, no. Too much fat is actually an indicator of shortened longevity. Studies have shown that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to acquire degenerative diseases along the way. Shortening their life span in the process. We’re talking about heart disease. Or for that matter, cancer and diabetes.

But detox drinks may just be the solution you need. In this department. One of the most useful aspects of these detox agents is their ability to help you lose weight. By boosting metabolism, detox drinks hasten the break down of fats and the absorption of needed energy. A great example of this is raspberries. Just like coconut oil, the useful berry contains ketones which facilitate the formation of needed energy from the liver. Hastening metabolism in the process.

  • Notable example: Lemon

Don’t forget lemons contain a substantial amount of pectin fiber, which gives a fuller feeling for longer. In the end, you eat less.


2. Liver Function Booster

The liver is one overworked organ. Just to think recent data shows over 13.8 Americans as exhibiting a drinking problem. Worse, an estimated 8.1 million of these people are certified alcoholics. That’s one problematic liver too many. Add those addicted to smoking and those who take in caffeine on a regular basis, and you get the picture. It becomes apparent that you need to give your liver some boost to get it going. The ability of detox juices to get rid of toxins is most useful.

  • Notable examples: Cucumber

It’s simple actually. Just take some slices of cucumbers. Add them to the water you’re about to drink and voila. You’ve got yourself one detox drink to aid your digestive processes. And don’t worry if you have to go to the bathroom more often than usual. That’s the power of detox working. A cucumber detox drink is a diuretic helping you throw toxins away via your urine.


3. Digestion Booster

It’s easy to flood our stomach with lots of toxins. Too much fried foods and fast foods, for instance, can spike your toxin level in a jiffy. Detox drinks boost your digestive system’s nutrient supply. Plus, they act as effective laxative agents, giving your digestive prowess a boost by supporting healthy bowel movement. Also, since these drinks support better liver function, you boost your digestive processes as a whole.

  • Notable example: Mint

You can credit its antioxidants for its digestive booster capacity. Small wonder mint has always been the go-to ingredient for calming an upset stomach. Add its ability to boost bile flow via the stomach and you know this one’s a top contender in speeding up digestion.


4. Anti-inflammatory Agent

When you take in detox drinks, you are actually cleansing your liver, putting toxins out of the way. You can max on this cleansing power by taking in detox drinks with a light meal. Instead of a heavy one. By doing this, you attack free radicals, putting them to a minimum. This action reduces inflammation which is a precursor to many leading degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes.

  • Notable example: Watermelon

Don’t be surprised. Watermelon may be a common fruit but it’s rich in lycopene. Combine that with its ample supply vitamins A and C and you have an anti-inflammatory agent to watch. You see, those compounds reduce tissue damage which if uncontrolled can ignite the inflammation process. Further, watermelon contains arginine and citrulline, known compounds to boost blood flow. Putting the risk of inflammation a notch lower.


5. Detox Drinks Makes You Look Good

Too many toxins in your system bog you down. Just think of your car. If you don’t do regular maintenance routines (e.g., oil change), you let unnecessary dirt accumulate choking your car’s inner processes. Eventually, it fails. The same holds true for your body. Once toxins are not taken cared of, your body speeds up the aging process. You get to have wrinkles faster than anyone in your circle. In short, you rot. With detox drinks, you put to a minimum this aging process by taking out the bad guys.

  • Notable example: Citrus fruits.

Citrus is a haven for vitamin C, a known skin purifier. When you take in rich amounts of citrus, you help your skin glow. You look younger in the process.

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