Measles: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

skin with measles

Measles is a viral infection caused in the respiratory system by the rubeola virus. This kind of epidemic disease could be devastating once it enters a person’s body since it could spread rapidly and is very contagious. This disease can spread from one person to another through contact with an infected saliva or mucus. You

What Can I Do to Stop Snoring?

husband snoring and wife pissed off

One of the most looked forward to the part of the day is to be finally reunited with your bed. I know we all excited to go home and have that good night sleep. But what if your sleep gets interrupted by someone who woke you up from causing too much noise? Some of the

5 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Brain

a geometric rendition of the brain growing in size

When it comes to dealing with Science, there are certain aspects where the impossible could become possible. Even some studies and researches could attest that a human being has the ability to have its own brain size increased. If this happens, there could be a lot of positive changes that might take place in your

Types of Heart Disease

heart disease in the artery

Cardiovascular diseases usually happen when there is a clogged blood vessel in your body. Surprisingly, this illness is very common in other jurisdictions, including the US. But did you know that this disease has several types? It does! Some of these are well-known such as heart attack and heart failure. Here are the different types

Encephalitis: What Causes Inflammation of the Brain?

encephalitis in the brain

Encephalitis might be a very rare disease, but it is common is viral infections. It is an inflammation of the brain tissue and could be life-threatening. Having this illness only appears on 1 in 1,000 of those with cases of measles. But what is the cause of this illness and how can you avoid it?