Amazing Black Seed Oil Benefits

Black seed oil has been used for its benefits since ancient times. Evidence shows that black seed oil may provide numerous beauty and health benefits.

Black seed oil

The black seed oil has been utilized for its possible health benefits since ancient times. Evidence shows that black seed oil may provide numerous beauty and health benefits to individuals, such as controlling or managing type 2 diabetes, cancer, enhanced skin health, and helping the body in achieving weight loss.

Technically speaking, black seed oil, also known or called as black caraway, black onion seeds, kalonji, and black cumin, comes from a small plant called Nigella Sativa that is commonly grown in the Middle East, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe. People have discovered the use of the black seeds of the said plant as a form of alternative remedy or treatment for various health conditions. Black seeds can also be used to add flavor to bread, pickles, and curry similar to the effects or taste of oregano and cumin.

The black seed oil also has thymoquinone, a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component that can contribute to the prevention and reduction of certain tumors. People can take or consume black seed oil in many different forms such as topical solutions and capsules. It can also be mixed into other products and items such as perfumes or fragrances, skin and beauty products, shampoos, and different massage oils. However, some black seed oils that are considered high quality may be used for beverages, baking, and cooking.

What Are The Benefits of Black Seed Oil?

As mentioned earlier, black seed oil can have several important health benefits. These benefits of black seed oil, though, are still subject to further research as the test subjects used for the aforementioned studies were mostly lab animals.

Nevertheless, the evidence is leaning towards the fact that black seed oil can indeed have some critical health benefits for people. Enumerated below are some of these health benefits:

Black Seed Oil can result in weight loss

Studies show that supplements that contain black seed oil may help individuals can contribute to an individual’s reduced body mass index (BMI) or body weight without any adverse side effects. Another study or review also noted that black seed oil can also have positive effects in addressing obesity.

Contributes to improved skin health

Black seed oil can also provide certain health benefits for people suffering from acne or eczema. Research suggests that people suffering from acne may gain some form of benefits from the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of black seed oil and may reduce or prevent the development or break out of acne.

People with Psoriasis may also gain some form of health benefit from black seed oil as a 2012 study showed black seed oil as having some form of antipsoriatic properties. Eczema can also be addressed by black seed oil due to the health benefits of N. Sativa which can be considered as comparable to that of other medications. This means that black seed oil can lower the severity of the above-mentioned skin condition.

Black seed oil can also help in softening skin, hydrating hair, and moisturizing different parts of the body. Further studies however still need to be conducted to establish the actual results or effects of black seed oil on humans.

May be able to help address cancer

Research suggests that black seed oil can be effective in addressing certain types or forms of cancer. This anti-cancer property of black seed oil is usually attributed to the presence of the compound thymoquinone which has been shown to kill off cancer cells through apoptosis or programmed cancer cell death. The black seed oil is effective against leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer.

Improves kidney and liver function

A study conducted in 2013 showed that rats who were given black seed oil showed reduced complications for kidney and liver disease particularly in terms of improving structures of the organs and the prevention of further complications. However, researchers are still trying to find out if the same study conducted on rats will yield similar results on humans.

Helps manage blood sugar levels

The black seed oil has been shown to help people manage their type 2 diabetes and help control their blood sugar levels. Once again, though, the study on the benefits of black seed oil on diabetic patients requires further research as the said results were mostly from animal test subjects.

Can help the fertility of men

Men who were given black seed oil supplementation also showed improved fertility as evidenced by their sperm’s improved movement and the increase in the count and volume of their sperm.

Possible Side Effects and Risks of Black Seed Oil?

People should always bear in mind that supplements like black seed oil must never be used or considered as a replacement for their medication. They are only supplementation and the medication prescribed by their medical partner must always be taken as instructed. People who are pregnant and breastfeeding should also refrain from using black seed oil as they may need to check with their doctor first before they are given the green light to use black seed oil. Individuals should also consider the possible allergic reactions they may have for black seed oil.

Black seed oil benefits

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