Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut is found everywhere especially in Southeast Asian countries. It eventually grew in some countries like the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. They call it its tree the tree of life.

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut is found everywhere especially in Southeast Asian countries. Many people call it ‘the tree of life’. It is called such because all its parts are useful. One popular product made from coconuts is coconut oil and its impact on overall health is amazing. Read on to learn more about the benefits of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

Its precious fruits are of course the most important part of the coconut tree. Coconut oil is extracted from its fruits and has many uses in health, beauty, and so on. People all over the world are slowly recognizing its amazing benefits and is gaining popularity.

The health benefits of coconut oil include increasing the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), promotes weight loss, treats some infections, skin health, hair care, digestion, and boosts one’s immunity to fight back against infections and diseases.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  1. Increases HDL Cholesterol

Researchers already confirmed that coconut oil helps in the increase of your HDL cholesterol level, which may help improve your heart’s condition. However, experts recommend using coconut oil sparingly as most of the research are conducted in a short-term type of studies. They have not confirmed yet the long term effects of coconut oil in our cholesterol level.

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Researches also discovered that it helps in weight loss especially in your lower abdominal fat. Compared to other edible oils, coconut oil is easier to digest. It is so good for the digestive system because it helps a lot in improving thyroid health and endocrine health. The digestive system also benefits from it because it helps in increasing the metabolic rate of certain food. It also removes stress from your pancreas, thus it helps in burning more energy. It helps obese and overweight people to lose some weight.

  1. Heart Health

Studies show that half of the coconut oil contains lauric acid. Lauric acid can be readily absorbed by your intestine and can be used by our body to produce the body’s fuel (energy). Furthermore, coconuts do not help in the development of bad cholesterol if you are judging from a short term way.

A study was conducted that confirmed the expert’s finding that the coconut is indeed helping in increasing good cholesterol and helps in the decrease of bad cholesterol. Another study was also conducted that proved that coconut oil helps in maintaining healthy lipid profile of women.

If you are planning to use coconut oil as an edible oil for you, use this sparingly and check your cholesterol levels regularly. If it has a significant increase in your cholesterol level, stop drinking it. Better yet, consult your doctor if this is good for you.

  1. Hair Care

Women in the southeast region have long and shiny black locks. Why is this? This is because coconut oil is their staple hair product. The butter-oil like the consistency of coconut oil improves hair growth and gives a shiny effect on your hair strands. Coconut oil in your hair triggers the production of your hair’s natural oil adding to hair strand’s shine. Coconut oil prevents the reduction of protein in your hair adding strength to the strands. Due to its molecular weight, it can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

This being said, the market is full of coconut oil products. You can see it in shampoos, conditioners, face creams and so on and so forth. The best way to get the benefits from this product is by applying the pure product directly to your hair. You may use preferably the organic extra virgin coconut oil. To get the best results, use it for a hair mask.

Coconut oil is still the undisputed best natural conditioner out there. If you are looking for treatment for your damaged hair, coconut oil might be your new best friend. Coconut oil helps in the regrowth of your damaged hair. This is because coconut oil is packed with essential proteins that promoted rebuilding and regrowth.

  1. Skin Care

Coconut is good for the skin because it has antibacterial, anti-aging, antioxidant, moisturizing, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is good as a topical solution for the following skin problem:

  • Eczema and Psoriasis

Use the organic extra virgin coconut oil and apply it liberally on the infected area. It lessens the aggressive symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

  • Dermatitis

It is a good topical reliever for atopic dermatitis than mineral oil.

  • Skin wound

Coconut oil promotes faster healing of the wound.

  • Xerosis or dry skin

Coconut oil is such a potent moisturizer that you can use it not only for your hair but also for your skin. Use pure cold-pressed, organic, non-GMO coconut oil. It is safe to use for all skin types especially if you are looking for an organic moisturizer for your dry skin.

  • Antimicrobial activity

As coconut oil is antibacterial, therefore it is good for the skin who are prone to a pimple. However, it renders different reactions to for each individual. Coconut oil has monolaurin in it. It is a property responsible for antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal nature of the coconut oil.

  1. Treating Alzheimer’s disease

Coconut oil amazingly helps in the cognitive capabilities of people with Alzheimer’s. It is also a good source of ketones that is good for the brain’s sharpness, focus, and tolerance. However, the linked benefits of coconut oil for the brain is yet to be confirmed by research.

  1. Coconut Oil Helps Dental Care

Coconut oil researches are shown to help prevent halitosis (bad breath) and the development of plaque. Oil pulling using coconut oil is effective in reducing plaque formation and gingivitis.

  1. Boosts Energy

Coconut oil is used often by athletes and bodybuilders alike who are on a keto diet. The reason is that of its low-calorie content and is easily ingested to be converted into energy. It is perfect for keto dieters who are afraid of getting cholesterol build up because coconut oil prevents the occurrence of such. Keto dieters might experience fatigue on its first phase, coconut oil can be a lifesaver in preventing this because it is an energy-boosting fat.

Benefits of coconut oil

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