5 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Brain

When it comes to dealing with Science, there are certain aspects where the impossible could become possible. Even some studies and researches could attest that a human being has the ability to have its own brain size increased. If this happens, there could be a lot of positive changes that might take place in your

When it comes to dealing with Science, there are certain aspects where the impossible could become possible. Even some studies and researches could attest that a human being has the ability to have its own brain size increased. If this happens, there could be a lot of positive changes that might take place in your life.

To increase the size of your brain, you will have to master some ways that you should literally do. There could be several ways that you can try to increase brain size. Having said, you can also enjoy an increase on the amazing functions your brain would benefit from.

Let’s try to look at the 5 ways to increase the size of your brain.

1. Meditate

We all know that be it any aspect, meditation has a lot of positive impacts. Apart from it helps in giving you peace of mind and concentration, it’s also a good way to grow your brain. There are even numerous studies about meditation and brain size.

A research done by experts from Harvard, Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found out that focused meditation could alter the features of the brain. They also found out that advanced meditators who have been practicing meditation for a long time already have increased their brain size.

By conducting some brain scans, they were able to detect that their brains have increased their thickness levels which are responsible for processing sensory input and focus. What’s more amazing about this is that the researchers were also able to identify the contribution of meditation to cortical plasticity in adults. This is because as we age, our thinking caps tend to get thinner. Thanks to meditation, the sections of our human cortex could be expanded. Having said, we won’t have a hard time processing our emotions as well as keeping our well-being at a healthy state.

2. Exercise

Exercise doesn’t only promote a healthy lifestyle for all of us. For older people, it could also affect not just their brain functions, but as well as their brain volume. Exercising or at least hitting a quality cardio could increase specific regions of the brain.

If we try to think of it, to exercise is never a bad idea. Exercising at least once a day could give us a lot of health benefits. It could also affect and boost our metabolism which in the long run could lead to weight loss. A study published by The Physiological Society suggests that during their experiment with animals who have gone through a series of physical exercises, it turned out that doing such activities such as aerobics, running, and even resistance training could help promote new neuron growth.  

3. Play Music

Even at a young age, experts would always recommend music therapies since engaging in such activities could help promote brain function. So, up to this very day, engaging in music or at least learning to play a new instrument could still give you the same benefits. In fact, musical therapies could treat a number of disabilities. Experts who have studied about the astounding results of music explained that the brain circuits that deal with music training could help reflect the sensorimotor and cognitive skill of an individual.

The good feedbacks on musical training and brain size is just undebatable. Since music deals with emotions, it helps promote the reward system of your brain that could also give it the pleasure that it needs. According to some doctors, intense musical training for an extended period of time could also impact not only the function of the brain but could also target the structures.

4. Play Games

Another way to help increase your brain size is by playing games. Some studies would suggest that one of the games that could really help in brain growth is juggling. This is because juggling doesn’t only improve your eye coordination but it also increases the part of your brain that contains nerve cells.

Researchers from the University of Oxford were able to find out that learning to juggle could increase the brain size. They said that this certain activity has something to do with the increase of cellular connections in your brain. They were able to detect that apart from the development juggling contributes to the brain’s grey areas, it has a shared impact on the “white matter” too.

The white matter in your brain is the part where most axons are present. This is where the outgrowth of nerve cells are connected to different cells. So the increase in brain size takes place since the brain is said to develop when you are starting to learn something new. Game playing and brain size? Yep, seems like they both make a pretty good team.

5. Intermittent Fasting

When it comes to promoting good health, diet would always play an essential part. We’ve heard already on how intermittent fasting was able to treat some health issues and has even contributed to weight loss. But in this area, we’ll discuss more about eating and brain size.

Primarily, doing a certain kind of diet could affect your body in so many ways. As for intermittent fasting, it is said that it can help increase an individual’s brain size. By practicing intermittent fasting, you can help your brain produce more protein that is necessary to develop neuron growth. Apart from that, intermittent fasting or IF is also said to be effective in clearing brain fog. Scientifically speaking, IF doesn’t only help thicken some parts of the brain but it could also help boost brain function.

You wouldn’t even have to worry about feeling tired and weary since intermittent fasting is also known to be effective in increasing your energy. In order to do this effectively, you will have to follow a simple rule in IF. For intermittent fasting, you are not allowed to eat for 12 to 16 hours except for water. For the remaining period, that will be your allotted time for eating.

By the time that we were born, our brain has already started to develop not just in size but also with the neuron count. However, even when you’re all grown and adult already, you can still increase the size of your brain. It may sound quite impossible as to why brain grows. But scientifically speaking, increasing brain size could be beneficial for the individual. With the possible ways we’ve provided above, you might find it easier to train your brain and improve its function. Once you’ve done it effectively, you can then utilize the ability of your brain in making new neurons. Aside from that, you could also expect a more clear and focused memory.


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